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UNIT COST DISBURSED BALANCE ON HAND I'm running around trying to figure how the hell this happens. As I'm playing around with it, a lot of the time, it's just me going through the list and clicking with my mouse. Occasionally, I'll get a popup, sometimes one to the right or left, sometimes one to the middle. Occasionally, I get a popup that says something like “this message will disappear in an hour” but no idea what happened. Usually I'm clicking in a window that's minimized to the taskbar (which makes the popup smaller).
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Welcome to Easy's after he'd never regular business you are purchasing items selling items on to have stock in our hand to your stock ledger in the software go to stock my no click full stock ledger our press controls of tears from main screen now click this full stop ledger this is stock ledger window in this window you can see from date to date stock filtering option stock view option under the O button now we see four sub ledgers with all item all stop with the full financial year date click view button now you see stock loading one by one in this list you see item code item name unit opening stock and the inverter quantity between these dates' inverter quantity under between these states outward quantity closing stock under closing stock value tax rate group under manufacturer now scroll this list in the last row you see total inverter quantity total outdoor quantity total closing stock on the total stock value okay to you particular item history from this window select any one item press the Enter key this is 20 20 s cookies cashew butter 50 gram item tracking list attacking men say it's full history its purchase details healing details onward and outward full details by date ways you can see all details its dead bill number party name in water quantity outer quantity balance quality it's a building type purchase our selling price good number here purchase detail this sales detail you can see whole list particular item full history from this list an if you select any one row on a + enter you can see the entry screen for that row, so you can modify any items from this selection you can export this list to excel by click export Excel here you see export it, so this is the Excel tracking of a particular item in Excel format close this now you close this item tracking window this way you can see any one item full history now see some other options do you particular item stock ledger use click item name select a particular item and click view button, so you can see single items only by this option to view groupies option select a particular item code from group name you want to see biscuits stock only select a group name biscuit click view button now you see biscuits only stocks ledger to you manufacture a waste of select a particular select manufacturer for example gold winner, so I have to go to the net under the Rasputin this is manufacturer gold winner stock only in this window you can see print under an export Excel button to print this listing to dot matrix through dot matrix printer click print button now you see dot matrix form and click print button to print in dot matrix printer, or you want to save this list by texture file you click Save button to exit close click in this window also you can see export Excel click export Excel now you see Excel format is ready for this list so in this list you can take printout or modify items anything also you can see our stop zero stop on transaction stock also Hart sock means full stop no zero...
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